Info Tech Quiz: Marking and Analysis

The class average of the quiz was 6.2 out of 10 (62%). Majority of the class (89%) got the question “Which of the following is not a web browser?” correct when the percentage was adjusted for guess correction. On the other hand, the worst answered question was “When was the mechanical and electrical analog computers considered as the “state of the art”, and the future of computing?” in which only 17% of the students answered it correctly.


Results Spreadsheet:


PC for University

Scenario: Your older brother is getting ready for first year of university. He will be studying business. He is moving out and needs to buy a new computer for school. He already has an iPad and plans to bring it with him around campus. However, he can spend up to $800 (before tax, after shipping) but does not know which computer to buy. He asks for your help!